Micael Widell

The things not taught in school

It is funny that most of the knowledge I need in my daily life as an entrepreneur is stuff that I had to learn myself because it was never taught or even mentioned in school. Not only did I have to learn this stuff myself – before that I first had to learn that this stuff actually is important.

  • Salesmanship
  • Networking with people
  • Programming
  • Negotiations
  • Marketing
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone
  • Making a living without a "job"

I totally understand that things like learning languages, math and history are immensely important and should be prioritized. But so are the things above. If anything, knowing the importance of these things is important.

People are told all through their upbringing by parents and school that the only possible path in life is to get a good education and then a good job in order to get a good life. One of the main reasons so few people are inclined to think of trying entrepreneurship as a possible way of life, is because they do not see it as a possible way of life.

What if we created a new subject in school called entrepreneurship?

Orient kids about it, so that they know that "yes, some people do this, it is a great way of life, and I can do it too". Not all of the kids would become entrepreneurs, but that is fine. These skills are useful no matter what you do. And even if you are not using sales or marketing tactics yourself, it is quite useful to know when somebody else is using them against you.

I think this new subject would benefit the society of today greatly.

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