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The Stockholm tech startup scene

A week ago I attended Sthlm Startup Hack, an event where the Stockholm tech startup scene gathers and hacks away on (mostly) web projects. I really love this kind of events (of course Fyndiq was a sponsor). I love them because it shows that Stockholm has a lot of startup minded, really really competent and talented hackers. And I live for entrepreneurship, so I love to meet all these people and to live in an area where tech entrepreneurship is buzzing.

My project this year was the exact same project as last year, BasicRSS. It is a simple, minimalistic Atom/RSS reader. I wanted to replace Google Reader already a year ago, because I didn't like the look and feel of it. But last year I built it on the Google Reader API, and with lot of buggy JavaScript code. So this I rebuilt the whole thing from scratch using the feedparser library and Heroku. And no JavaScript at all ;) This time I feel quite happy about it, so happy that I have started using it myself.

When I first set out to start a tech startup around four years ago, there wasn't much of a tech scene in Stockholm to speak of. We had some great successes that I had as inspiration, like Tradedoubler, Skype and Pricerunner. But I wouldn't say there was very much of a tech startup scene.

Stockholm Startup Hack 2013

A lot has changed since then. Sthlm Startup Hack had 130 people who participated, building really high quality web apps in only 10 hours. Another nice thing was that the local VC firm Creandum was one of the main sponsors and also participated in the hacking. A few weeks ago I attended an event where Sequoia visited Sweden to talk to Stockholm startups, because they want to find the next Klarna.

With new VC money like that, and with all the talented people I meet at events such as Sthlm Startup Hack, I dare to say that Stockholm has a very bright future as a place where hugely successful tech companies are born.

Follow the Stockholm tech startup scene at #sthlmtech on twitter.

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