Micael Widell

The Secret - 50% bullshit, 50% brilliance

The premise of the film called The Secret is that you just have to visualize your goals very clearly every day, and then they will automagically materialize. The explanation model they use is some kind of new age pseudoscience interpretation of quantum physics, which has lead to a lot of ridicule of the film.

I watched the film a few years ago, but I think have always used this way of planning my life. I visualize very concretely where I want to be a few years from now, and so far most of it has become true. Then it is probably mostly pure luck, hard work, or a mixture of both that got me there. I do not believe in the explanations they give in the film.

So why does it seem to work?

For me, when I visualize a goal I have very clearly every day, it starts to change something in me after a while. I start to connect my own identity with the goal. When it has come that far, I will experience anxiety and a feeling that something is wrong if I am not actively working towards it. After a couple of years of "brainwashing" myself by visualizing it, I will have a very hard time not working my ass off to get there. That anxiety will get stronger and stronger, and I will work harder and harder. All that hard work and dedication compounded over time will make me reach the goal. That's my theory at least.

So I recommend everyone to see the movie, and to start doing what they suggest, but I would not believe in their explanations of why it (may) work :)

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