Micael Widell

Reaching traction

The most important goal for any new startup, besides avoiding death of course, is reaching traction. And until you reach traction, you should try as many things as possible in terms of marketing, tweaking your product and tweaking your business model. Try everything once -- throw away the 95% of ideas that don't work and keep doing the good ones.

How long should you keep trying before giving up and passing your startup to the deadpool? I have no good answer to that.

All I can say is that with Fyndiq we had days with zero sales even 8 months after launch, and during that period we had been working mad hours week after week, month after month, just trying different approaches to marketing and our product offering.

Looking back at it, it actually sounds rather stupid to try to get an idea to liftoff for 8 whole months without seeing any positive feedback at all. But we always had the feeling that success is right around the corner. I was always thinking "this is it, this next thing will work, this will give us some traction!".

Then after around 8 months we started to understand how we should market ourselves in a good way. This meant more sales per day. After a few more months we also found ways to attract interesting merchants with interesting products. About 14 months after our initial launch we definitely had traction, even if it would take a few more months for us to really believe it ourselves.

I will tell more about our story in upcoming blog posts.

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