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New Year's resolution for 2016

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I am driven by curiosity. When looking deeply into myself I have realised that I want to read more, explore more, and then write about my findings. The parts about reading and exploring more I have already picked up during recent weeks, and now the time has come for writing.

I figured a great way to get into the habit of writing, and to practice it in a relaxed way, would be to revive this blog.

Today is the first day of 2016. Every new year's day I have a compulsory thought nagging in my head that I need to have a new year's resolution. I have done a lot of work on myself in the past year and I am actually for the first time in my life, believe it or not, pretty happy with who I am – all my habits, my happiness level etc. So what could be a good and worthwhile New Year's resolution for 2016? I started thinking about this last night when a friend asked me the question.

Earlier today I was out on a long and fast, dopamine and serotonin-inducing ( = inspiration inducing :) powerwalk listening to the awesome podcast The Tim Ferriss show. The episode I was listening to was with Maria Popova, author of a hugely successful blog, answering questions on writing. In the first question she answered (listen here, start playing at 04:00) Popova gives her view on what mindset you should have when writing. In short, you should have the mindset that you are only writing for yourself. You are writing about things and in a way that you find joy in, and you should not view your writing as "content" that you create for a "target audience". Popova has a way of talking that is very clear, direct, down-to-earth and inspiring.

And then it clicked: My new year's resolution will be to write at least 120 blog posts during 2016, which means on average one blog post every three days. The posts do not have to be long, just a few sentences could do. They do not have to be highly unique or valuable in any way, it could just be a thought from my day, or even a short comment on some cool youtube clip that I saw. The point is to get into the habit of daily writing, and to do it for myself, not anyone else. If someone reads it and happens to enjoy it, that's nice. But I will try to not let that become my primary motivation for writing.

It might be worth noting that a New Year's resolution for me is not life and death-serious. If I discover after two weeks that I really don't enjoy blogging, or that I feel massively uninspired to do it, then it will not give me or anyone else any value and it is of no use continuing.

So let's do this. See you again tomorrow!

Header photo by Mark Wooding (CC BY-SA 3.0).

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