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Micael Widell on Photography

In August 2017 I posted my first photography related YouTube-video, on how to build a super macro photography rig using cheap parts. At first, the video received like no views at all, something I guess all new YouTubers experience.

I had put a lot of effort into the video, and I wanted more than a handful of people to see it. So I decided to e-mail a link to it to all the major photography blogs and websites, such as DPReview and PetaPixel. To my amazement, they loved the video, and asked me to write an article about it as well, which brought me my first couple hundred subscribers.

Since then, I have created YouTube videos about my passion for photography on a weekly-or-so basis. My channel has grown to tens of thousands of subscribers. I truly enjoy creating these videos, and I hope to continue cultivating and sharing my passion for photography.

Starting in February 2021, I am working full time with making my YouTube videos and earning my living from it. Loving every minute of it!

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