Micael Widell

Life is all about killing the magic

What is your meaning of life? Do you have one?

Mine is to kill all the magic and mystery. I want to lie on my deathbed totally bored with everything that exists in this world. I want to have tried everything that ever intrigued me. I want to have read all the books I wanted to read. I want to have gotten to know all kinds of people who are a mystery to me today. I want to have experienced enough to have killed all the curiosity that was ever in me.

When you are a kid, many things in this world consist of magic and mysteries. When I was a kid, the most magical things out there were computers. Over the years I killed that magic by learning everything about them. From the circuit board to the software that runs on the operating system. Today there is nothing magical or intriguing with computers to me.

Another magical thing that intrigued me in my early twenties was this society we live in. This society with power structures, political games, money, advertising, products, consumerism, law, psychology, behaviours. I have been trying to understand all these mysteries by being involved in them as much as possible. I have already killed quite a lot of the magic in this realm by starting to understand aspects of it. Some magic is still left.

When I visit new places in the world that seem magical to me, the magic gradually disappears as I get accustomed to the place, the people, the smells and the sights. Some places I need to be in for a long time before the magic starts to disappear. Some places which I have been in several times are still magical to me. I need to go back.

I still have a lot of magical things to destroy, but an important insight for me is that that is my goal in life! What is yours?

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