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On the latest Tim Ferris show, mega youtuber Shay Carl with billions of views answers some questions from podcast listeners. He gets the question of whether he could have made it as big if he would have started his daily vlog today instead of 10 years ago. And the answer is a definite no. Which I guess will surprise a lot of the people.

When he started vlogging it was a wide open landscape with almost no competition. It was much easier to become a dominant player. If you just started a channel back then and did your vlog every day for a few months, you would have had a pretty big following after a while. Because there wasn't that many people to follow on there. Today vlogging is a vastly oversaturated space and it is damn hard to stick out and to gain traction. There is so much noise. So many people with a similar vlog to yours. And I believe Carl is right. It is still possible to make it big on youtube, but it is infinitely harder than it was 10 years ago.

So remember that being the best is not everything, you should pick your market and business idea wisely. Try to identify opportunities few others have yet identified. Try to identify new markets that are starting to open up, markets that will be huge in a few years. Try to identify what platform is 2016's equivalent to what YouTube was in 2006.

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