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It was a while since my last blog post. Good thing that my New Year's resolution is based on number of blog posts throughout the whole year – enabling me to be lazy about blogging for a few weeks now and then, as long as I make up for it in the long run.

The reason I haven't been blogging much is because I've been focusing on my book. I've decided to write a book about happiness.

I left my job in the end of last year to go look for a new and different career. I wanted to leave the startup and tech world for a while to learn something completely new. I felt Fyndiq was in safe hands with my co-founders and the 140 or so brilliant minds building the company forward. My personal dreams and ambitions with Fyndiq were fulfilled and I didn't feel the same spark and passion as I did in the beginning. Even though it was kind of a hard decision to leave what I had worked day and night on for the past six years, I now feel I made the right decision. Life is too short to do things we are not fully excited and passionate about.

When pondering what to do next, I've analysed what I seem to enjoy doing the most. And I've come to the conclusion that something that continuously puts me in a state of flow and enjoyment of life is learning about new things, researching stuff that is interesting to me, and personal growth. But I do not only enjoy learning about things, I enjoy just as much teaching others about these things. I love writing and talking about stuff that I learn.

So I figured why not make this my new career. At least I'll make an attempt. Right now I am in the middle of drafting a book proposal and go look for an agent, and then a publisher.

One thing I'm doing differently from basically all other Swedish first-time authors I know about is that I am aiming straight for the global market. The importance of thinking big is a lesson I've learned time and time again throughout my life. If I'm going to do the work anyway, why not try to maximise the excitement and the returns by aiming big? I will approach American publishers from the start, and I will attempt to write my book in English from the start.

If you have tips on where to find kickass non-fiction agents give me a holler on twitter or other medium of choice. As for this blog, I guess it will now gradually transform from a happiness blog to an authorship blog for a while. I hope to increase the frequency of blogging again.

Thanks Abhi Sharma for the header photo, licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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