Micael Widell

How to get shit done - 2 simple rules

We are all lazy people. At least in certain situations. This includes me. I have spent many hours, days, weeks throughout my life procrastinating. But over the last few years I have been able to put myself into a life situation where I am not procrastinating.

For me, it all comes down to two simple principles. They are not anything new or rocket science, but I have found that they work very well for me.

1. Surround yourself with other hardworking people

My co-founders and the people we hire in Fyndiq are very hardworking and focused people. And when you are a group of people who all work very hard – people who you respect a lot – then it is easy to get into the "get shit done" mindset and stay there. Simply because you don't want to be the one who is slowing the team down.

2. Deadlines with bad consequences

When I quit my job to start a startup I knew that I had money in the bank to live on for around 12 months. After that I would be broke and then I would need to find a new job. And give up the big dream of starting a company – which I had saved money for for several years. That would have been an extremely hard failure for me. That way I put a lot of pressure on myself to actually start a company, which I managed to do after nearly a year had passed.

Likewise, when we started Fyndiq we quite soon booked a TV campaign which we would spend most of the company's money on. If the site and our flows would not be up and running by the date that the TV campaign started, we would have a pretty bad situation. This gave me the necessary pressure to actually work around the clock for several months to get it all finished. I don't think I have gotten so much done in such a short period of time ever before in my life.

It doesn't need to be harder than that. Surround yourself with hardworking people with a "get shit done" attitude, and put yourself in situations where breaking a deadline would mean you are in serious trouble.

Voilà! No more procrastination!

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