Micael Widell

How to Escape the Cubicle

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My second book is now available for pre-order: How to be a FOOL: Quit Your Job. Start a Company. Without Fear. It is a short, succinct book about finding the courage to quit your job to start a new, freer lifestyle. Essentially that new, free lifestyle means you become some kind of entrepreneur. The aim is that in a couple of hours, you should be able to finish this book, and that you should be left with a lot of inspiration to actually take that leap. A decision that will change your life forever.

My inspiration for writing this book, is that so many people seem to be carrying this dream. So many people would really want to own their own company, control their own time, and live life by their own terms. So many people I have met, have told me, both explicitly or by hinting about it, how much they hate working for someone else, and what a waste it is of your one and only life, to be spending 40-60 hours every week fulfilling someone else's dream rather than your own. Yet most people who have these thoughts, seem to do nothing about it. For some reason, most of us seem to just accept that this is how it is, and it is somehow very "risky" to even start planning a transition to a freer life as an entrepreneur.

This book is about snapping out of those thoughts, and finding the courage, inspiration and strength to realize that it is not that hard or risky to take the step.

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