Micael Widell

How to deal with assholes

There are lots of hard problems in this life. Problems that everyone must find their own way of dealing with. One such problem is all the assholes around us. Assholes exist in all lines of business, all ages, all social groups.

What is an asshole then, you might ask?

An asshole is a person who treats other people unfairly or disrespectfully. Often by misuse of power or privilege. The asshole takes advantage of or just plainly messes around with other people. A lot of times they don't even realize that they are doing it. An asshole could be the bully in school who is much stronger than you. It could also be your boss, who has power over your current work environment.

I have found most ways of dealing with assholes that involve trying to interact with them will only make it worse. An asshole is an asshole. Even if you "win" you are a loser because you spent valuable time and energy dealing with an asshole.

My way of dealing with assholes is to always try to cut my contact with them, if I don't have to deal with them in some way. This may sound simple enough, if not for the second part of the last sentence.

To be able to ignore and cut contact with all assholes, you will soon discover that you need to be a truly independent person. Basically, you must be able to cut contact with anyone in your life and be able to get on with it without being hindered.

The only way to get to that kind of independence is to rule over your own life. That means a lot of things mentally, but maybe first and foremost it means that you have to be the ruler of your work and income situation.

So this brings me to my point with this blog post... which is that starting your own company and becoming an entrepreneur with total control over your own destiny, is actually also one of the best ways ever to be able to deal with assholes! Your life will be so much better without them :)

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