Micael Widell

How to begin a text

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One of the hardest parts of writing a text is beginning. Both because of procrastination, which seems to affect a lot of writers, but also because we want to find a "nice" beginning which is interesting and gently puts the reader into the right context. My best trick for beginning a blog post, is to just start typing. Whatever comes to mind. After a couple of sentences you are in the middle of writing, and that is when the actual, useful, content starts pouring out. And before you know it the whole text is completed.

And now you can create the best possible beginning sentence. How? You just delete the first couple of sentences. You delete until you reach the first sentence that feels elegant and suitable to begin the text. Usually you will find it about 2-3 sentences in.

What I like with this method is that you cut away the fluff that usually begin most texts. The kind of fluff that makes people think "oh my god what a boring, cliche-isch text" just as they start reading it. Also, being unable to find a good beginning will never again be an excuse for you not to be writing. Try it!

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