Micael Widell


In december 2008 I left my job at IBM to go chase my big dream of starting a tech company. After trying several different projects and ideas over several months, with several different constellations of people, I finally decided to go all in on the idea of the e-commerce marketplace Fyndiq. We were a group of five friends who founded it in November 2009.

I was the technical co-founder and CTO of Fyndiq from the inception in 2009 until 2015. I was responsible for building the technical platform and infrastructure, as well as the tech team. In the beginning I was doing all of the work myself, as the tech department consisted of only me during the first year. Later, my role was more about recruitment, management and the big picture.

The company went from idea to one of Europe's fastest growing companies (according to Financial Times and The Next Web) and one of Sweden's largest e-commerce companies.

Fyndiq was a great journey for me, one that I am deeply thankful for. I got to learn so many things about so many aspects of different areas such as marketing, management, psychology, large scale software development projects, law, PR, finance, recruitment etc. When I look back at my six years at Fyndiq, they seem like a whole lifetime, because so many things happened during the journey. The experience was intense and demanding, but very rewarding.

In the autumn of 2015 I felt that I had fulfilled my personal goals with Fyndiq, which had been mostly a curiosity and challenge towards myself, to see how hard it would be to start and build a successful company. And I felt we had passed my lower bar for a successful company when we had a turnover of 300 MSEK and over 100 employees. Fyndiq was now also big enough and had enough talent to continue to grow without my involvement. So I set out to find my next passion.

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