Micael Widell

Why you should combine coffee with water

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That lovely creative rush you get out of drinking a big fat coffee in the morning. The strength, the clarify and focus, the determined power and force of creativity you become after downing it. It is what we coffee drinkers love. Especially if you like me are an HSP and therefore extra sensitive to caffeine. When I drink coffee, I get a high from it. A heightened sense of awareness. At the same time, the disappointment you can get after downing a big fat cup of black power, when nothing amazing at all happens, can be pretty devastating. Why is the effect of coffee so inconsistent?

I've made a discovery though, after years and years of spontaneous field research. There is one factor that seems to ensure that you get your yearned-for jolt of energy and feeling-good-feeling after your morning coffee: water. When I drink a glass of water together with my coffee, the effect of the coffee seems to increase. On some days, when I am foolish enough to forget the glass of water and only drink the coffee, perhaps even two or three cups in a row, is when I most often get a foul experience. Instead of happiness and creative energy, I get gravel in my eyes and a sour mood.

I've tried googling this to understand why the feel-good amazement effect of caffeine gets heightened together with extra water, but only to sift through the plentiful cliché articles about coffee being dehydrating. I even tried searching pubmed. But I found no texts describing the coffee+water boost effect (acknowledging its existence outside my own mind) or the scientific reasons of why it works. So I guess you will just have to take my word for it. Whenever drinking coffee, to feel the best, always drink as much water as coffee. Or do as a my friend Max from Russia, mix 50% water and 50% coffee already in the coffee cup. I used to laugh at this habit of his, but now I understand why its a winner move.

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