Micael Widell

Author of books

When I left all my duties at Fyndiq at the end of 2015, my only goal was to just do whatever I felt like each day, until I would come up with a new project to be passionate about. I was totally open towards the thought that it could be anything.

Something I had started to reflect upon a lot during this period, was that as a 33 year old, for the first time in my life I was deeply, truly happy. The whole subject of happiness started to intrigue me, and I began studying books and research on happiness. Who are the happiest people on earth? Why? What can you do to become happier? Why do people chase money, status or other things, when the more rational thing would be to focus on happiness?

I decided to write a book about all my findings, and so I did during 2016 and 2017: Habitual Happiness – The 50 Happiness Habits That Changed My Life. In this book I tell the story of my own journey from unhappy to happy, and what habits that I think made most of the change. I mix my own account with current research on happiness.

After the rather big project of writing Habitual Happiness, I was inspired to write another book, on the subject of how to muster up the courage to quit your job and start your own company. This is something many people seem to dream about doing, but few actually dare to fulfill this dream. The aim with this book is to help you find that courage and inspiration. A short read: How to be a FOOL: Quit Your Job. Start a Company. Without Fear.

Both of my books are currently only available for Kindle (either get the Kindle device, or the app, which is available on most common operating systems).

In the end, I gave up the thought of making writing my primary career (something which I aimed for at the beginning of the Habitual Happiness project). I have realised that I love writing a book now and then, when I feel that I have something unique to say, and when a book is the best medium to say it. But I have a hard time "forcing" myself to come up with books to write on a regular basis.

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