Micael Widell

80% of success is showing up

I am surprised by how often successful moments in my life were not because I performed well or beat the competition, but because I was one of few people to actually try.

The biggest barrier to any kind of competition that people perceive to be hard (eg. entrepreneurship) seems to be that people are too afraid to even get in. They lose on walkover.

This is of course very good news for those of us who dare to give it a shot.

There is a quote by Woody Allen which is "80% of success is showing up". I have not checked what he really meant by that. But my personal interpretation is that if you are one of the few who are always working hard, always taking every chance you get – if you are one of very few people who dare to bet a year of his life trying to start a company – then that in itself is 80% of your success, regardless of how you perform once you have shown up.

Show up.

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